The present Customer Agreement outlines the Terms (“Terms”), applying to your access to the inner section of triunits.com website (“Website”), including access to the Trading Platform (“Platform”). Please read the Terms carefully and do not use the Website or the Platform, if you do not accept them. By accessing, using or attempting to use the services in any capacity, you acknowledge that you accept and agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree, do not access or use the services.

1. Agreement conditions

Triunits reserves the right to change, add or remove parts of these Terms at any time at its sole discretion. The Customer commits to monitor all the amendments made to the present Customer Agreement. Continued use of the Website after the modification are made would mean that the Customer agrees with the Terms and any such modifications, the service grants her/him a personal and non-transferable limited right to log in and use the Website and the Platform. The Customer’s acceptance of these Terms, as may be amended, entitles the Service to act as an intermediary between Buyers and Sellers for trading on the Platform in accordance with the sub-clauses laid down below and to perform the functions described below.

2. Eligibility

By registering to use a Triunits Account, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old or of legal age to form a binding contract under applicable law, are an individual, legal person or other organization with full legal capacity and authority to enter into these Terms, have not previously been suspended or removed from using our Services and you do not currently have an existing triunits Account. If you are entering into these Terms on behalf of a legal entity of which you are an employee or agent, you represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights and authority to bind such legal entity.

3.The Account of the customer

The Customer is responsible for confidentiality of her/his account/username information, including the password and PIN code (ex. Google authenticator), and for other activities, involving operations with her/his account. The Customer agrees to immediately notify the Service of any unauthorized use of login or password, or any other breach of security. The Customer is liable for losses of the Service or of any other user of the Website incurred by actions of a third party using the Customer's password or login. The Customer should not use any account other than her/his own account. The Customer should not attempt to get unauthorized access to the Website, and any attempt to do so or to assist other Customers or third parties in doing this (including disclosure of manuals, software and tools for this purpose) will result in termination of service and loss of all the funds at the Customer’s account. The Service, in such a case, reserves the right to take any other measures against the Customer.

4.Triunits Account Registration & Requirements

a. Registration All users of the Services (each, a “User”) must be registered at (https://www.triunits.com/) for a Triunits account (an “Account”) before using the Services. To register for an Account, you must provide your real name, email address and password, as well as accept the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Consent Form. Triunits may, in its sole discretion, refuse to open an account for you. You agree to provide complete and accurate information when opening an Account and agree to promptly update any information you provide to Triunits so that such information is complete and accurate at all times. Each registration is for a single user only and each User (including with respect to any User that is a business or legal entity) may only maintain one active Account with Triunits. b. User Identity Verification With registration of an account on Triunits, you agree to share personal information requested for the purposes of identity verification. This information is used specifically for the detection of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and other financial crimes on the Triunits platform. We will collect, use and share this information in accordance with our posted Privacy Policy. In addition to providing this information, to facilitate compliance with global industry standards for data retention, you agree to permit us to keep a record of such information for the lifetime of your account plus 5 years beyond account closing. You also authorise us to make inquiries, either directly or through third parties, that are deemed necessary to verify your identity or to protect you and/or us against financial crimes such as fraud. The identity verification information we request may include, but is not limited to, your: Name, Email Address, Contact Information, Telephone Number, Username, Government Issued ID, Date of Birth and other information collected at the time of account registration. In providing this required information, you confirm that it is accurate and authentic. Postregistration, you must guarantee that the information is truthful, complete and updated in a timely manner with any changes. If there is any reasonable doubt that any information provided by you is wrong, untruthful, outdated or incomplete, Triunits shall have the right to send you a notice to demand corrections, remove relevant information directly and, as the case may be, terminate all or part of the Services to you. You shall be solely and fully responsible for any loss or expenses incurred during the use of Triunits Service if you cannot be reached through the contact information provided. You hereby acknowledge and agree that you have the obligation to keep all information provided up to date if there are any changes. BY SIGNING UP FOR ACCOUNT YOU HEREBY AUTHORIZE TRIUNITS TO MAKE INQUIRIES, WHETHER DIRECTLY OR THROUGH THIRD PARTIES, THAT TRIUNITS CONSIDERS NECESSARY TO VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY OR PROTECT YOU AND/OR TRIUNITS AGAINST FRAUD OR OTHER FINANCIAL CRIMES, AND TO TAKE ACTION TRIUNITS REASONABLY DEEMS NECESSARY BASED ON THE RESULTS OF SUCH INQUIRIES. YOU ALSO ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION MAY BE DISCLOSED TO CREDIT REFERENCE AND FRAUD PREVENTION OR FINANCIAL CRIME AGENCIES AND THAT THESE AGENCIES MAY RESPOND TO OUR INQUIRIES IN FULL. c. Account Usage Requirements Accounts can only be used by the person whose name they are registered under. Triunits reserves the right to suspend, freeze or cancel accounts that are used by persons other than the persons whose names they are registered under. You shall immediately notify Triunits if you suspect or become aware of unauthorized use of your user name and password. Triunits will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any use of your Account by you or by any third party (whether or not authorized by you). d. Account Security Triunits strives to maintain the safety of those user funds entrusted to us and has implemented industry standard protections for the Services. However, there are risks that are created by individual User actions. You agree to consider your access credentials such as user name and password as confidential information and not to disclose such information to any third party. You also agree that you alone are responsible for taking necessary safety precautions to protect your own account and personal information. You shall be solely responsible for the safekeeping of your Triunits account and password on your own, and you shall be responsible for all activities under Account and Triunits will not be responsible for any loss or consequences of authorized or unauthorized use of your Account credentials including but not limited to information disclosure, information posting, consent to or submission of various rules and agreements by clicking on the website, online renewal of agreement, etc. By creating an Account, you hereby agree that: (i) you will notify Triunits immediately if you are aware of any unauthorized use of your Triunits account and password by any person or any other violations to the security rules; (ii) you will strictly observe the security, authentication, dealing, charging or procedures of the website/service; and (iii) you will log out from the website by taking proper steps at the end of every visit. 5.INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY All rights of intellectual property, including copyright for texts, graphic images or any other material posted on the Platform are owned by the Service or by the Platform partners. Accordingly, the Customer should not copy, distribute, reproduce, republish, upload, transmit, modify, publish or otherwise use any such content. 6. Liability The Customer warrants, that she/he is the rightful owner and is entitled to use all funds, including Cryptocurrencies, deposited in her/his accounts, and that the transactions effected do not violate the rights of any third party or the applicable law. The Customer agrees to indemnify the Service against all losses incurred by abuse of rights of the third parties or by violation of law through the fault of the Customer. The Service is not be liable for any losses, including loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of data, direct or indirect damage sustained by the Customer if the damage is not a result of the Terms violation by the Service. The Service is not liable for malfunction, damage, delay or interruption of access to the Internet, or, if for any reason the Website is unavailable at any time or for a specific period. The Website contains links to other websites and resources provided by third parties, but these links are provided solely as source of information. We have no control over the content of these websites or resources, and bear no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage which may result from their use. In case of fraud or any other illegal activity, the Service will communicate all necessary information, including names, addresses and other data requested, to the relevant authorities in charge of suppression of fraud and violations of law. The Customer acknowledges that her/his account may be frozen at any time upon a request of any competent authority. The Service do not bear responsibility for losses incurred by vulnerability or any kind of failure of software (nodes, wallets) used by the third parties, or glitch in the software (nodes, wallets), provided by the third parties, as well as failure of blockchains or any other technical problems specific of Cryptocurrencies traded at the Platform. The Service is not liable for damages due to late report from cryptocurrency developers or representatives (or no report at all) of any issues with cryptocurrency including all sorts of forks, node technical issues or any other issues potentially resulting in fund losses. In this case there is one option of compensation for losses. The option is to induce cryptocurrency developers or representatives to compensate for the losses. Nothing in these Terms affects the legal rights of the Customers. Nothing in these Terms excludes or limits liability of either party for fraud, death or personal injury caused by negligence, violation of laws, or any other activity that cannot be limited or excluded by legitimate means. 7.Termination The Service may suspend or modify the Platform and/or revise or terminate the present Terms at any time with due notification to the Customers. If the Customer continues using the Platform after such a notification, it is considered that she/he gave consent and accepted these changes or termination. If the Customer disagrees with these Terms, she/he may close her/his account at any time. The Customer agrees, that the Service may, acting at its sole discretion, suspend the Customer's access to the Website, including, but not limited to: restriction, suspension or termination of the account, a prohibition of access to the Website and to its contents and termination of providing any services. The Service may take technical and legal measures to prevent the Customer’s access to the Website, if the Service believes, that she/he is causing troubles and poses legal challenges, abuses intellectual property rights of third parties, or her/his actions violate the present Terms. In addition, we may, under certain circumstances and at our discretion, stop servicing of the Customer’s account for other reasons, including, but not limited to: (1) Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Website or the account of another Customer or to assist others in doing so, (2) Attempt to override the software security features designed to limit the usage or protect some content, (3) Use of the Platform for any illegal activities, including legalizing the proceeds of criminal activities, or financing of terrorism or other illegal activities, (4) Violation of these Terms, (5) Unexpected operational difficulties (6) Enquiries from law enforcement agencies or other government institutions (7) Active arbitrage (over 100 transactions) in a short period of time (during 24 hours), meaning to affect the market, or induce artificial increase of trading volume in particular this or that trading pair or out of other ill-intentioned commitments. (8) Use of offensive language towards the Service or the Service staff, either in private, or in public. (9)Threats to Support operators The Service, as a private enterprise, also reserves the right to unilaterally modify or suspend the Website or the Platform, stop providing services to the Customer without explaining specific reasons. The Customer agrees that the Service will not be liable to the Customer or any third party for termination of servicing their accounts or for the Website being inaccessible. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that her/his accounts can be blocked until her/his ID documents and/or any other information are provided to the Service, if the Service decides it necessary for servicing of the accounts, for effecting transactions, for operations and/or the Platform functioning. ADDITIONAL TERMS If a competent judiciary authority considers any provision of the Terms to be unenforceable, such a provision shall be enforced to a maximum extent permissible, and all other provisions shall remain in full force and effect